Welcome to Cape Town Toastmasters Club

Yes, this audience is applauding you and cheering you on for taking that big step. Not me you say? That is what most accomplished Toastmasters said before they tried. Cape Town Toastmasters provides a safe learning environment where no-one is willing failure on anyone, but applauding and cheering success in trying...


Conquer your fears and start your journey to be able to...

Be Yourself

Learn how to be yourself, realise the potential and power of being who you are and sharing that with others through your speeches...
Think on Your Feet
Learn the skills of being able to think on your feet, align your thoughts and words and communicate them succinctly and confidently...
Stop Being Self Concious
Learn to not take constructive feedback personally and embrace it as a lesson to improve for next time...
Overcome Your Fears
Just like every baby learned to walk, every toastmaster overcame their fears of public speaking...You can too



Life is all about taking rare opportunities when they present themselves. Be able to present yourself when those opportunities arise.
Boss riding with you in the elevator? You have 25 seconds.
Big presentation to senior executives? Gain their respect with confident presentation skills.
Job interview? Impress your interviewers with quick thinking and confident responses to questions.

What happens at
a meeting?

There is a general standard format to every meeting at Cape Town Toastmasters Club. Educationals, Speeches, Evaluations & 'Table Topics' are the four elements.

This is the learning part of the evening where our more experienced members teach the members about skills
Prepared Speeches
This forms the main part of the evening, members will present their prepared speeches to the club.
Speech Evaluations
Each speaker has an assigned evaluator. He or she will critique the speech based on the requirements laid out on their speech manual.
Impromptu Speeches
AKA Table Topics, this a fun part of the evening and an excellent time for those not involved previously in the evening to get involved.

Be Able to Perform & Lead When Life Happens


In life, there are happy moments and sad moments. Moments that sometimes need to be shared publicly. When friends and family look to you, have the ability and confidence to take the reigns and guide them through those moments of joy or grief.

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How much does
it cost?

The true value of what toastmaster is able to offer far out weights the membership costs and participation costs.

Meeting Fee
Each meeting costs R90 and includes a dinner. There is also a cash bar available for drinks.
Semi-Annual Fee
Membership dues are semi-annual and are calculated on pro-rata basis if you are joining. Each month costs $7.50 USD.
Joining Fee
This is a once-off fee, this covers the cost of admin and your training manuals. The joining fee is $20 USD.

When & where do meetings occur?

Meetings take place on every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at the Western Province Cricket Club in the Chairman's View Room. The meeting starts at 19h00 sharp. Please ensure arrival before 18h45 to avoid undue stress. The meeting usually ends between 21h15 & 21h30.

Meeting venue

The easiest parking is off of Avenue de Mist. Please see the map below to the meeting venue.

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Make contact with Dawn Corin, our guests and members liaison committee member to find out more.

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The Cape Town Toastmasters Committee

All clubs are run by committee members who volunteer their time to improving the club, members and guest experiences. Here are our awesome committee members:

Club President Profile Pic

Chris Adlum

Club President

VP of Education Profile Pic

Bessie Zastrau

VP of Education

Treasurer Profile Pic

Erica Nzila Mwinga


VP of Membership Profile Picture

Dawn Corin

VP of Membership

VP of Public Relations Profile Pic

Dominic Walsh

VP of Public Relations

Club Secretary Profile Pic

Dawn Corin

Club Secretary

Sergeant-at-Arms Profile Pic

Jenna-Lee Ewers


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Matthew Dickie

Immediate Past President